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I have had an interest in Photography for approximately 15 years.  I started out in the Digital age when I purchased a Digital compact camera and used it to 'point and shoot'.  I soon developed a taste for Photography, mainly Landscapes and upgraded to a Canon 300D digital SLR.  I spent the next few years developing my new found passion before I made the unusual, but now more commonly heard of, move from Digital to Film. 


A very good friend and fellow photographer loaned me his Contax ST film SLR and I got hooked on film in a very short time.  I found that I was much happier with the results that film gave me for Landscape work than I had ever been with my Digital SLR and continued to use the 35mm film SLR with keen enthusiasm.  I have now moved onto a Medium Format film camera and have found the step both challenging and extra rewarding.

My work has featured in national UK photography magazines, including cover shots, private company websites, photography books, and on other international photography websites.  I have also regularly been commissioned to shoot commercial images for companies near and far.  I am also called upon to be a photo judge for competitions and enoy giving my opinion on other peoples work.

I also shoot wedding and portrait photography.  I always aim to capture stunning and inspiring photos of your special day.  A wedding day is one of the most memorable days in anyones life and what way to enjoy it more than to look back at some stunning images of your day.

I thoroughly enjoy my passion and continue to learn on a daily basis, but most of all, I enjoy being out there!



My landscape photography equipment includes two Pentax 67ii bodies (you never know when you'll need a spare), 55-100mm and 90 -180 Pentax zoom lenses, Hi-Tech Neutral Density Graduated Filters, Circular Polariser, A Manfrotto 055 Tripod and a large Manfrotto ball head.  My film of choice is Fujifilm Velvia 50.

I use a Nikon 9000ED film scanner to scan the slide film and use Adobe Photoshop for re-sizing.  I tend not to do too much with the image once it has been scanned and I try to work on the basis of getting it right 'in camera'.  I also try to make all my finished images match the original transparencies.

My commercial, portrait and wedding photography equipment includes a Canon 5D mark ii and a Canon 5D camera, a 16 - 35 mm f2.8 L Series Canon lens, a 50mm f1.4 Canon lens, a 100mm L Series Macro Canon lens, a 24 -70 mm f2.8 L Series Canon lens and a 70 - 200mm f2.8 L Series Canon lens.  I have two Canon Speedlight flashguns, a Lowel id light, a Wescott Rapid box soft box, a Manfroto tripod, lighting stands, umbrellas and Pocket Wizard remote triggers.