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So I have decided to share some hints and tips about photography on my new blog page and I hope some or all of you may benefit from these. 

Some of you may have an interest in photography and others may just like looking at the end result. You may even have a good knowledge of photography and these hints and tips may seem very basic. I was speaking to someone today who said that they had joined a camera club and struggled to learn anything as the people there all had experience and mainly just wanted to compete against each other. Thats such a shame. How can you encourage anyone to share you passion if you don't help or encourage them along the way.

There are a number of rules in photography that you should be aware of however please remember that rules are meant to be broken. The first rule is one to aid composition, the rule of thirds.

The easiest way to describe this is if you imagine a noughts and crosses board across your viewfinder or display screen and then place your object on one of the four spots where the lines cross each other. If you don't really have an obvious object in your scene and are looking at a landscape then perhaps you want to place the horizon on the top horizontal line to give more foreground detail or alternatively put your horizon on the bottom horizontal line to give more sky. I will post a few shots I think capture what I mean. 
In the image above I have place the female to the right hand side with her head running down the right hand vertical line on our noughts and crosses board. I have chosen my position to get the male drummer (blurred) mirroring her position on the left hand side of the shot. The colour was left in the phone to give the eye somewhere to settle in the scene.

In the above image I have intentionally place the horizon on the lower horizontal line on the "noughts and crosses" board to show more of the beautiful light in the sky. The trees are positioned at an intersection of the lines also.
In the image above I have placed both he bridge and the castle on the intersecting lines of the "noughts and crosses" board and used the path to lead the eye through the scene. I have been careful to leave the path unbroken to help the eye through the image.
I loved the muted foreground here and all the detail in it and how it seemed to mirror the sky. I decided to concentrate more on the foreground as the sky lacked the colour I had hoped for. A long exposure gives the movement in the sky and the cloudiness on the water. You will need a tripod and ND graduated filters to achieve such an image in camera.