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All the images within my galleries are best viewed through a calibrated monitor.  Monitor reproduction can be an issue to some as the colour balance of your monitor can shift without your knowledge which can hinder your viewing experience.  The imnages should be seen as a representative of the final image as they are reduce to small jpeg images before being put onto the site and therefore do lose some quality.

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I hope you enjoy my gallery.

Manhattan Skyline 1
A view from Brooklyn towards Manhattan with resting seagulls on the posts in the foreground and the skyscraper buildings in the background.
Brooklyn Bridge
A view of the Brooklyn Bridge in the evening light.
Empire State of Mind
A view of the Empire State Building and lower Manhattan with the Freedom Tower and the Statue of Liberty.
The Angel's Eye
Carved by flood water in the Antelope canyon region.
Manhattan Skyline 2
A view towards Manhattan from Brooklyn, New York.
Rush Hour
Commuters go about their daily business whilst others stand in the beauty that is the Grand Central Terminal, New York.
Light Trails, Park Avenue, New York
A long exposure was used to create this image from Park Avenue, Manhattan.
The Zion Narrows
A five mile, early morning walk through the Zion Narrows, with those massive cliffs on either side is a very humbling experience. Very much worth the effort.
Central Park
A view towards the Ice Rink within Central Park with the Manhattan skyscrapers that surround the park in the background.
People watching within Grand Central Terminal, Manhattan.
Brooklyn Bridge
Another view of the Brooklyn Bridge at night with Manhattan in the background.
The viewpoint