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Storr Sunrise, Skye
An early morning start and an hour and a half climb to reach the viewpoint prior to sunrise. I had battled through gales and negotiated the climb using only my headtorch to arrive before sunrise. It was worth the effort when the sun started to breach the horizon and shine some glorious light over the scene.
Abandoned Bothy
This abandoned bothy can be found nearing the end of a 21 mile dead end single track road in the Highlands of Scotland. It has long since been left to ruin.
Mountain Birch
The late evening sun and rising moon set the scene as I looked over towards the mighty Blaven on the Island of Skye, The Highlands, Scotland
Rainbow Flue
As the approaching styorm neared I just had a few moments to capture a shot of the Blackrock Cottage and Beauchaille Etive Mor before the hail hit me. I was very pleased about the position of the little rainbow coming out of the Chimeny flue.
All tied up!
These two little boats needed to be tied up on this blustery day north of Ullapool, the Highlands, Scotland.
Jurassic Viewpoint
A pre-historic view along the Trotternish ridge on the North-East coast of the Isle of Skye, Highlands, Scotland
Beauchailla Etive at Fall
An early morning view of the Beauchaille Etive Mor as the mist clears. I tried to grab a low viewpoint to enhance the feel of the waterfall which was no more than a trickle on this day.
The old road, Duffus Castle
The old road leading to Duffus Castle, Moray.
Dawn, Duffus Castle
Dawn @ Duffus castle, Moray.
Jewel in the night
Eilean Donan Castle lit up like a jewel in the night. This is one of my favourite castles and even in the driving rain it can still look magical when lit up shortly after sunset.
Pre dawn Torri don
An image captured pre-dawn in Torridon. I was stood alongside about ten others whilst capturing this image of a truly remote landscape.
Castle by night
An evening shot of the stunning Urquhart Castle on the banks of Loch Ness. The castle is only lit for a short time after it closes to the hordes of people who visit on a daily basis. I love the calmness of this shot as the castle takes a pounding on a daily basis.
Leave only footprints!
They say when you visit somewhere stunning you should leave nothing but footprints and that is obviously what the maker of these prints did.
Lossiemouth upon reflection
Lossiemouth reflected in the River Lossiemouth.
Duffus Castle at sunrise
A glorious sunrise with the sun striking the walls of the castle ruins.
This dead tree defies the elements and all that nature has to through at it as it stands alone and proud on Rannoch Moor, Glencoe, Scotland.
The old pier, Lossiemouth
This stunningly graphic old pier sits at the mouth of the River Lossiemouth.
Seascape, Moray Firth
A seascape near Hopeman, Moray
On dry(ish) land
I found this little rowing boat apparently abandoned on some farm land on the Ardnarmurchan Peninsula and loved the lead in lines that the farm tracks provided.
The old bridge, Duffus Castle
Duffus Castle, Moray
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