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All the images within my galleries are best viewed through a calibrated monitor.  Monitor reproduction can be an issue to some as the colour balance of your monitor can shift without your knowledge which can hinder your viewing experience.  The imnages should be seen as a representative of the final image as they are reduce to small jpeg images before being put onto the site and therefore do lose some quality.

Please note that all material and images contained within this website are Copyright protected.



To purchase an image simply click on the basket icon next to the images thumbnail.  You will then be given the choice of printas available for that image.

I am able to produce prints using my own Epson 3800 printer up to A2+ sizes.  This allows me to have total control over the whole printing process.  I am also able to accomodate your requests for larger prints and canvas prints through specially selected professional print companies.   

I hope you enjoy my gallery.

Sam, black & white
Sam in black and white with his eyes converted back to their natural colour.
A mothers love
A mother holding her son.
Castle Hotel, Huntly
A photograph of Claire taken at the Castle Hotel, Huntly.
Caught in the moment
Engagement Shoot
An engagement shoot with Craig and Laura
Capturing the band
Family Portrait
Use of a photo frame as a prop for this family portrait.
Daddy and his wee girl
Craig and his wee girl, Isla
The Duke Reflected
The Duke of Wellington reflected in a window nearby
Laura and her wee girl
Laura and her daughter Isla, Brodie Castle, October 2013
On the beach
Sam in Black & White on the beach at Lossiemouth
Mother and her boy
Claire and a young Harry
Street Photography
A family day photo shoot at Lossiemouth Beach, Moray
Krystle & Douglas
A shot taken in relatively poor light conditions near to the couples home then changed to black & white.
Fun days
Lossiemouth Beach, Moray
craig laura tree tg web
The Duke
A photo shoot at home with Adelie.
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